Expertise Networking

Expertise Networks and AI-Enabled Human Augmentation

by David H. Deans

Marketplace transitions are pervasive. Leaders face numerous challenges. One of the most significant is the need to access and utilize actionable knowledge effectively. With the increasing complexity of business, growing data volumes, and the demand for faster decision-making, traditional knowledge management (KM) solutions have struggled to keep pace.

Manual, time-consuming, and expensive, these legacy enterprise software solutions no longer meet the evolving needs of modern organizations. As a result, leaders are actively seeking innovative approaches to manage their intellectual knowledge assets more effectively.

A promising solution that has emerged is the utilization of Expertise Networks, complemented by the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities. In particular, Generative AI (GenAI) solutions enable innovative use cases that can uncover applied wisdom.

Let's explore the potential of human talent, subject matter experts, codified wisdom, and GenAI in revolutionizing the way we access and utilize knowledge -- thereby enabling better decision-making, faster innovation, increased productivity, and improved customer service.

Challenges in Knowledge Management

In the dynamic business landscape, many organizations encounter several challenges that necessitate a more effective approach to enterprise knowledge management. These challenges include:

The Increasing Complexity of Business:

Organizations are operating in an interconnected and complex ecosystem, requiring them to navigate intricate challenges and make informed business decisions.

The Growing Volume of Data:

The exponential growth of data has made it increasingly difficult for organizations to extract meaningful insights and leverage codified tacit human knowledge effectively.

The Need for Faster Decisions:

In a highly competitive environment, savvy organizations must respond swiftly to market changes and make timely decisions to maintain their competitive advantage.

The Limitations of Traditional KM Solutions:

The typical legacy knowledge management solutions, characterized by manual processes, time-consuming procedures, random search engine results, and high operational costs are inadequate for addressing the challenges of modern business environments.

The Promise of Expertise Networks

Creative applications of expertise networks present a promising solution to bridge the knowledge retrieval gap and enhance decision-making capabilities within a globally distributed workforce.

By connecting people with recognized experts who possess specific knowledge or expertise, these networks offer valuable resources for making timely decisions and accessing proven experiences.

The Key Benefits of Expertise Networks Include:

How Artificial Intelligence Augments Expertise Networks

The integration of GenAI technology with expertise networks holds immense potential for revolutionizing the way organizations utilize the skills and proven experience of available talent. How is this possible?

For example, a Digital GTM Polymath applies their wisdom to extract insight from GenAI prompts.

The Key Benefits of Artificial Intelligence Include:

In summary, I believe that the benefits of solutions combining expertise networks and artificial intelligence are significant, and I'm eager to see how this innovative technology develops and evolves. That said, GenAI is merely a tool. The applied wisdom of a Digital Polymath will ensure superior prompt results, and increase the likelihood that the solution improves or accelerates enterprise workflow.

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