Topics of Interest

If you're seeking information and guidance on solutions for market development challenges and opportunities in the Technology, Media or Telecom sector, you've arrived at the right place - I can help.

Scientific Research and Development

There are so many topics to research, and yet so little time. Here's my list, in no particular order.

Generative AI Design: the emerging Artificial Intelligence (AI) talent marketplace demand has grown for practitioners who produce compelling digital business content narratives. What are the use cases for GenAI that drive value creation? How will prompt engineering and design advance content asset development?

SaaS App Go-to-Market: the growth of subscription-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) models are fueled by the adoption of cloud computing services and customer demand for increased business agility. What are the benefits of outcome-centric market development strategies?

Tech Value Creation: digital business growth attainment is a process, not a single event. How do savvy leaders make an impact via value realization? The solutions will emerge from a Digital GTM Polymath who understands and can clearly articulate the business outcome benefit of tech investments.

Future of Work: what does new 'knowledge work' look like? In a world where it’s difficult to predict what may happen tomorrow, it’s a tough question to answer. But fearless leaders who aspire to emerge from the global pandemic in a stronger, better position need to be fully prepared for ongoing flexible 'remote working' models.

Data Science Skills: demand is growing exponentially for people who know how to collect and analyze data and then draw business insights from that information. As more companies adopt data-driven approaches, data scientists must keep their skills current based on what progressive employers require.

Cognitive Semantic Web: the benefits derived from the World Wide Web will be enhanced by software Agents that utilize APIs, pattern recognition, machine learning, natural language processing, artificial intelligence, contextual domain-specific metadata, taxonomies, and ontologies to perform tasks on our behalf.

Digital Business Transformation: in today's Global Networked Economy, all companies will become a digital business. Digital technologies are empowering customers like never before, transforming how they discover, explore, buy, and engage with selected products and services. But how do you compete in the face of ongoing digital disruption?

Creative Capital Development: while industry thought-leaders strive to improve corporate learning, mentoring and succession planning, obsoleted traditional HR and training managers search for a new purpose -- on this backdrop, what's the best methodology to unite disconnected people, process and technology?

Business Process Optimization: the most efficient workflow models and related business processes may not be the most effective, and therefore intelligent and objective situation analysis is required on the front-end in order to reach what could be considered world-class benchmark performance levels.

Practical Expertise Location: fearless practitioners have much to offer, especially when their ideas and suggestions are incorporated into substantive business process improvement -- but many organizations are still unclear about how to proactively glean and utilize their collective untapped tacit knowledge.

Cause-Centered Market Development: in a marketplace of bland product sameness and unremarkable copycat service offerings, clearly there's still plenty of opportunity for those who boldly lead a movement in the market to pursue unique business causes that positively touch and ignite human emotions.

Exponential Content Marketing: creating remarkable content is expensive and time consuming -- that's why marketers should re-purpose the best content assets into reusable modules to be syndicated and published on multiple platforms, thereby increasing their reach and influence both far and wide. 

Sales and Marketing Effectiveness: once you've squeezed every last ounce of productivity and cost reduction from the process of serving your customers, then you're often struck with the obvious -- what you need is a forward-looking action plan that delivers sustainable growth results.

Internet Access Innovations: while incumbent service providers agonize over how to launch new products without cannibalizing existing revenue, and small carriers jostle for a meaningful competitive value proposition -- disruptive non-profit broadband wireless community networks are developing momentum.

Virtual Communities of Professionals: defined by alluring themes of grass-roots special interest groups, and communities of practice, specialists are increasingly congregating online and engaging in an open dialogue via interconnected social networks -- how can learning organizations benefit from this phenomenon?

Online Business Networking: your personal brand reputation is defined primarily by "what you know," but your wisdom is most effectively applied to new opportunities when you combine it with "who you know" -- so how do Rainmakers utilize the Internet to make new connections, and act as co-creation talent brokers?

My Connected Life in the Cloud: Over the last decade or so, I've studied the practical applications of ethnographic research. I've performed use-case analysis of requirements, and I frequently volunteer as a participant in the development of prototypes for software applications (SaaS) that are hosted in the cloud and accessible via the mobile internet.

Technology, Media and Telecommunications Market

For more than two decades, I've reviewed a broad cross-section of market research studies. I select summaries of those reports that provide the most thought-provoking insights about the many disruptive digital transformation changes shaping free-market competition within the Global Networked Economy.

The closely related Technology, Media and Telecommunications (TMT) industries are already undergoing a transformation -- as innovative products or services are developed by collaborative teams of creative contributors and brought to market at an accelerated rate.

The combined Technology, Media and Telecommunications market size is currently estimated at $5.1 trillion -- with the communications sector consisting of about a quarter of that total.

About two billion people -- or one-third of the world’s population -- are currently online. About 1.5 billion personal computers are currently in use. The next billion people who want to access the Internet will likely use a mobile device, for economic reasons – such as a smartphone or a low-cost media tablet.

My Skills, Interests and Market Research

B2B Cloud SaaS App R&D | Digital Business Growth Research | GTM Advisory Consulting

I help senior B2B buyers find the actionable information and guidance they need to purchase complex IT solutions, enabling them to achieve their digital business objectives - follow me.

Consulting:  As a trusted adviser, I provide market intelligence and analysis to help my clients answer the questions that stakeholders have about their offerings. I enable B2B SaaS vendors to craft a distinctive brand voice and thought leadership narrative -- so they become remarkable and influential opinion leaders.

Specialties & Interests: Researcher, GenAI Polymath, ChatGPT prompt crafting, generative AI, large language models, business technology innovation, digital business strategy, value realization, commercial storytelling, cost/benefit analysis, ICT engineering, industry analyst, guest blog columnist, brand ambassador, start-up coach, HTML coder, C-suite influence on CxO and LoB decision-makers + full stack developers and enterprise IT architects.

Market Research: channel partner go-to-market, digital marketplace, buyer and sales enablement, change management, strategic communications, content marketing, growth initiatives, customer experience, multi-channel and omnichannel campaigns, product requirements and market segmentation, ABM personalization, competitive analysis, creative writing, messaging and narrative, prototype microsites, Search and SEO, IoT, M2M, mobile internet, hybrid cloud services, container microservices, composable infrastructure, Web3 peer-to-peer, open source ecosystem, software-defined engineering, design thinking, digital twin, artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, neural networks, natural language processing, generative AI, prompt engineering, augmented analytics, chatbots, data science and algorithms, data visualization, robotic process automation, low-code and no-code, autonomic computing, quantum computing, zero trust cybersecurity, digital identity, blockchain, fintech, regtech, insurtech, healthtech, edtech, agile DevOps, CI/CD, future of work, C-level decision maker procurement.

Cloud FinOps & DevOps Apps: IBM, AWS, Google, Azure, Salesforce, Adobe, and Oracle

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